If you are an adventurous person, fan of an active holiday and a passionate fisherman, we are inviting you to try on the hunt for the biggest fish in the Adriatic.

What does a fishing day look like?

Daily departures are at 8 am from the port of Zadar. The fishing positions are approx. 1, 5 hrs. away from the port. Once on the position, we’ll be hunting in the open sea until the late evening hours (dusk). During a full day of fishing, we can make a break at your choice for lunch or a swim in the nearby deserted bays which can only be approached by the boat. Deep-sea fishing can be quite exhausting (rough sea, strong winds), but it is part of the adventure you and the crew must be ready for. During the fishing days, depending on the time of the year and fishing season, the crew exchanges several types of fishing techniques (drifting, trolling, jigging) and guests participate in all activities, and any experiential suggestion is welcome. It is important to note that all the fishing tackle is available on board, and you can also take your own kit for the fish you catch, with prior agreement with the captain.

Do you have sea spirit?

If you want to experience the true adrenaline and feel the spirit of the sea and fighting with very large fish on the high seas, then choose for big game fishing in the central Adriatic Sea with a crew of the boat Arvor 250 AS and its experienced captain. Fishing trip full of adrenalin is our everyday life. We are offering you to spice up your idyllic holiday season with exactly this part of fishing adrenalin. In addition to an unforgettable fishing trip, there is the unspoiled nature of middle Dalmatian islands, islets and reefs, crystal clear sea and a myriad of small nameless beaches ideal for a quiet holiday.

What do we hunt and how?

Fishing season in the waters of Zadar lasts from early April until the end of the calendar year provided that the close season lasts from 15/10 to 15/06, and the catch & release fishing technique is used outside the close season. In early season we catch albacore (Thunnus thynnus) using trolling techniques. Also, we use Bluefin technique from the ship anchored at the light fittings, as well as currently very popular jigging on offshore rocks. The above techniques are successful for catching amberjack, dentex, groupers, blacksmiths, tabinja and several species of bluefish, mackerel, pompano, and palamide. The full season of hunting for large offshore predators begins on June 15, firstly for the Bluefin tuna and swordfish, as well as for several species of sharks. The aforementioned fish are very successfully hunted until October 15 when the season officially ends on capital hunt. We catch tuna and swordfish by using drifting technique, and sometimes trolling. The swordfish catch is particularly attractive because it is done at night using artificial light. The ideal time for the “giant” Bluefin tuna over 200 pounds is from August to October when one can catch specimens of over 200 kg. Cam and amberjack are caught in the period between October and the New Year when we can take you on night squid fishing at your request.