The fish catch in the big game fishing in the Adriatic are tuna (Bluefin tuna, albacore, Luc (little tunny), sharks (Shark), swordfish (Swordfish), amberjack (amberjack) and common dolphin fish (dorado). Fishing season begins in mid-June with tuna that weighs about 40 kilos. The real hunt begins at the beginning of August and lasts until the end of October, with specimens of average weight of 80 kilos, and very often even heavier than 150 kilos. The best time for big game fishing (Bluefin tuna and albacore tuna) is in September and mid-October when the legal hunting for sport fishermen officially ends. After October 15 there are still lots of tuna with a good chance to catch, but it is possible to carry out fishing only by using catch & release technique which means that the fish is tired until it reaches the boat when the leader is cut and the fish goes unharmed into the sea. Photography is possible in the case of smaller specimens. This is a very popular way of fishing worldwide and the great majority of leading fishing destinations practice this method of fishing.

Recommendations for specific months:

April and May: night hunting with artificial lights on the sunken ship wrecks. Demersal fish catches are not excluded, as well as a morning bite of a swordfish and tuna.

October: Same as the previous two months July, August and September: Big Game Hunting Fishing tuna, swordfish, common dolphin fish technique drifting December and January: Fishing live bait difficult panula and night-hunting squid.